Life Blog 5 – Simplicity Slot 3

We’re up to the third Simplicity Slot, and this time the theme is about travelling light through life.

Feel free to leave a comment about your own experiences of living with a limited quantity of belongings and how that was, or is, for you. Perhaps you found it freeing; perhaps you didn’t like it at all!
The audio is 5-6 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Life Blog 5 – Simplicity Slot 3

  1. In the silence of meditation a woodpecker taps out his Morse code.
    for me? Guidance from beyond?
    Simplicity. Look for the simple. Live the simple life.
    Slow, mysterious, unknown, unencumbered.
    Where little everyday things open the heart to joy.
    Sun sifting through leaves, patches of shadow.
    An empty chair waiting for its offering to be received.
    A circle of stones drawing me inward, and then outward.
    Still Silence ringing in ears, touching skin softly.
    There is always something simple for which to be grateful.

  2. These reminders are so important, and I thank you for them. As I listened to your words, my eyes alighted on two paper lanterns made by my granddaughters some years ago. They are faded. I’ve never lit them again, although I thought I would. Out they will go.

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