3 thoughts on “Life Blog 6   Simplicity Slot 4

  1. Great inspirational tips thank you and always good to be reminded in this world that keeps trying to tell you to consume all the time instead of reusing

  2. This blog is so pertinent to 2022 when the imperative to reduce our consumerism is with us. My prarents who married after the depression and into the war, came from a generation that was forced to be innovative because so many goods were not available. My father provided planks and old apple crates for his five children to play with, and a few old sacks. We all grew up to be very creative. Our imaginations provided what we needed.

    • I love this Juliet. My best-remembered birthday present was a collection of three painted wooded boxes, a long one (a 20-pound fruit box) and two short ones made by cutting a long one in half and adding new ends. They became all sort of things, including dolls’ beds and a manger scene complete with a plasticene ‘electric’ light hanging from the ceiling, much to my parents’ amusement!

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