Life Blog 7 Simplicity Slot 5

In this the final Simplicity Slot we dip into and refresh earlier threads, and lead into a poem which is essentially a hymn to our beautiful, if troubled, planet, and to the power of choice.

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3 thoughts on “Life Blog 7 Simplicity Slot 5

  1. Thank you for this series. In my new Seasons of Life writing (starting with The Pomegranate Journal) I write about how slowness and simplicity bring me into the present moment. Your blog does this too. And now it’s time to ponder on the next step. Mine is to commit to climate activism and make all the difference I can in my remaining years.

  2. Yes the quiet clear message which you speak and live Margaret is powerful as well as the poem you read and which underlined so much that you said. Will ponder on the question “What did you do when you knew the world was unravelling?” This requires deeper concentrated thought and an action plan both within and without. Thank you for these words and thoughts!

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