I have lived over seven decades, and what a fruitful, eventful, wonderful time it has been!

A few years ago I realised I had been ‘dying’ my way through life – meaning that life has brought me, as it brings all of us, many opportunities to release, hand over, bring to an end, and surrender.

What I am also aware of is that I feel lighter, more fluid, and more joyful with each passing year. There has to be a link!

Many years ago, long before my realisation, I was searching my inner landscape for a way to summarise who I am and what I offer. My expressions of what one might call ‘work’ were very varied, so it was a challenging ask. But then it came – joyful living, and fearless dying – or as a friend once said, I could flip it around and it would still sum me up – fearless living and joyful dying.

For me it is a deep privilege to walk alongside people who are committed to their own evolution, whatever that looks like. It will be an honour to journey with you if you choose to invite me.

Qualifications and Trainings                                               

Working with Higher Frequencies of Consciousness, Advanced Practitioner Training, Stephen Busby, online/UK/USA (2018-19) On-going presencing practice at least twice-weekly.

Awakening to a Higher Frequency of Love, Stephen Busby, online/UK (2018)

Working With Others Through Higher Consciousness, Stephen Busby, online/UK/Europe (2016)

Australasian Constellation Intensive, Certificate of Training, Australia (2013)

Family & Systems Constellations, Foundation Year Certificate of Training, Angelika Chisholm, NZ (2013-2014)

Restorative Justice, Dominic Barter, UK (2012)

Non-Violent Communication One-Week Intensive, Findhorn Foundation, UK (2011)

Certificate in Celebrant Studies, Auckland University of Technology, NZ (2001)

Death, Dying and Bereavement Course, Ruby Care Foundation, UK (2008)

Soul Midwifery Practitioner Training, Julie Elizabeth White, UK (2009)

7 Words Method, Certificated Practitioner, UK (2008)

Advanced Diploma in Coaching, The Coaching Academy, UK (2004)

Diploma in Teaching, Victoria University, NZ (1972)

Theological study through Ecumenical Institute for Distance Theological Study, NZ (1991-2001)


7 Words Associate / Practitioner

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