Clutter-Clearing for the Soul

My approach to clutter-clearing

I adore working alongside people, sleeves up, helping them clear their clutter, deep-clean their spaces, and move forward in their lives.

Now based in Wellington, NZ, I began clutter-clearing professionally while living in the UK, assisting people to ‘throw and grow’. Working with a diverse range of people over a period of six years, I noticed the same themes as they conveyed to me what the process had meant to them: more energy and clarity; more delight, spaciousness and relaxation in the place they called home; less friction with partners and children; less stress and anxiety; less wasting of time and money; more sense of purpose and direction.

Clutter holds us back. I suspect you know this or you would not be reading here. And even more so than a year or two ago, life is asking us to step up – to serve the evolution of humanity by attending to our own evolution; to work with whatever stands in the way of our full alignment with what brought us into life at this time; to move with what calls us.

This is why I call this ‘Clutter-Clearing for the Soul’; my deepest desire is to work alongside you to liberate your heart and soul so that you may take your place fully in this fast-changing world.

Other layers of Clutter-Clearing

My skill and experience as a clutter-clearer, working with physical ‘stuff’, is augmented by my capacity to assist you in other layers of de-cluttering as well. The pages ‘Care of the Soul’, and ‘Family Constellations’ indicate some of my other offerings.

Within us all is a shining light; there is no need to add anything to ourselves, simply to visit and be with the places that are stuck, angry, burdened, and fearful. I would be honoured to support you in this, as I have provided coaching/counselling/mentoring for many over the rich decades of my life.

What the process of Clutter-Clearing involves

You will:

  • get very clear about how you would like your space to be
  • learn to give the ‘clutter test’ to all your possessions
  • learn simple techniques to categorise and sort your belongings
  • organise and arrange the things you choose to keep
  • learn about how to stay clutter-free

What I Offer

  • a professional, work-with-you approach
  • a service tailored to your needs
  • support, encouragement and practical assistance and advice
  • follow-up support, as agreed, by phone or email

My approach is to make you independent in your clutter-clearing as soon as possible, but be assured I will work with you and support you as long as you need me.

Virtual Clutter-Clearing

Where distance is a problem, or if you feel you could get motivated with my virtual support, I offer telephone/Skype/Zoom clutter-clearing. You do some on-the-spot de-cluttering as if I’m right there with you, and then we agree what actions you will take before the next session. 


Half-Day De-Cluttering Session (4 hours)            $310
Full-Day De-Cluttering Session (7 hours)             $540
Package of 3 Full-Day De-Cluttering Sessions     $1,460
Virtual Clutter-Clearing                                        $70 per hour

Currently I am not registered for GST, so you will not be charged it. My travel outside the Wellington city area is charged at $0.77 per km, or at cost if I use the bus or train.

If I am required to travel away from home, there will be a charge for travelling time. Two full days’ work is the minimum under these circumstances.

Should I need to stay overnight I would expect to be reimbursed for the cost of a B&B or guesthouse and an evening meal.
These costs will be agreed upon upfront.

Lightness, clarity, more energy and RELIEF… that’s how I felt after a few hours clutter clearing help from Margaret.
Also, it now seems much easier (more routine) to sort things into keep/give away than before.  Thank you!!”
Sarah Williams, UK

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Contact me 

For more information, or a free, confidential chat, please call or email me and we’ll set up a mutually convenient time to speak.

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