Clutter-Clearing Testimonials

Margaret is so great to work with.  She’s like that cool aunt who isn’t pushy but has great ideas.  Her suggestions were simple to implement, yet creative.  Little changes that made a big difference in our lives. 
Gloria and Bill Igaya-Frey (two one-hour virtual sessions)

What a turnaround! From dreading piles of paper to buzzing and enthusing about creating files. And it was in the process of sorting my files that I realised I’d rolled two possible work ventures into one. No wonder I couldn’t make it gel!
 Jen, Aromatherapist (one virtual session)

Initially I brought Margaret in to help me clear my overbearing piles of Junk. However, after a few clearing sessions, it became obvious that a new clarity of thinking had evolved. Not only (with her help) did I clear my flat but the process helped me to move on with my life.                                               
John Howlett (UK)

Clutter clearing has been much more than just clearing out junk for me. I now see that living simply is something to aspire to and it feels like a spiritual movement – wonderful. Margaret has been a great support, lots of good ideas and gentle nudging without any pressure, and it feels so good afterwards!!
Barbara Morgan                 

Margaret was a breath of fresh air at a time when I really needed to get to grips with a home full of undealt-with stuff from my past, which I simply didn’t seem able to face on my own. Whilst leaving me in control all the time about what should be kept and what should be thrown out, Margaret kept posing the question: “Do you really need this any more?” The answer was usually no. It was a difficult process, but with obvious progress in a short space of time. It was rewarding, and so liberating…Still a lot more work to do, but Margaret has set me off on the right track, and I will always be grateful to her for helping me break the log-jam in my life represented by all that clutter.
Claire, Cambridgeshire

Everything is easier! Going to bed is easier! Getting up in the morning is easier, because I don’t have to search for everything. I’ve got more energy!
Kirsty, Pilates teacher

I know Margaret in the context of clutter-clearing beyond the physical. Underlying Margaret’s life and work is a desire and impulse to liberate. Her tenderness and presence invite the other to soften their grip on the familiar, whether that be objects, beliefs, people or ways of being. Because I do not feel threatened in her presence, I gently open up without resistance. Things untangle and release, and the next steps become clear. It is, in effect, being undone with and by grace.
Halina Rozensztrauch

Till and I are so happy with the help you brought to us – it really is a life changing support you gave to us with your coaching! Our room downstairs looks and feels very different from the day we met. And it seems like the structure that I was looking for in my life is starting with the very material things!
Tzegha, Switzerland

At a difficult time, Margaret was my guardian Angel. She designed a system for all my paperwork making it a much more manageable, taking the stress out of it. I highly recommend Margaret who assesses what is required and follows it through. I never worry about my paperwork now I have Margaret’s easy system to follow.
Ann Wiltshire

Margaret is brilliant! Really supportive in helping you to sort and sift your ‘stuff’, and really understanding when it comes to listening to all the ‘stories’ behind the stuff. If you want to de-clutter your life and feel so much lighter, give her a call.  I’m glad I did.

My husband and I were facing a big downsizing stage in our life.  Not only were we moving to a smaller house but we were having to do so with the all the clutter that goes with two small children and items from my husband’s parent’s house as they had sadly died within a year of each other and within a year of our downsizing move. My husband and I had done what we could together and I had also tried to prepare for our move as best as possible while my husband was at work but I realised we needed professional outside help to get us past a ‘block’.  It’s hard to clarify the ‘block’ that we had reached but there were physical and emotional aspects to it.  Physically we felt overwhelmed by the amount of work we still had to do and we didn’t know where to go next and emotionally there were things that were clutter to me but precious to my husband and vice versa.  I particularly felt frustrated because I was dealing with items of my late in-laws which, while important to my husband, had, in my opinion, no room or place (physically or emotionally) in our new home.     My booking of Margaret was met with some cynicism by my husband.  Although we were going through a lot he couldn’t understand the ‘need’ of a professional de-clutterer.  Because of my mounting distress at the situation we were in he did however agree to the appointment with Margaret and we can honestly say it was one of the best bookings we ever made and my husband will now proudly tell people this at parties.  We only booked Margie for an hour but within that hour, after we had shown her our current situation, she gave us some wonderful advice about how to proceed in our own personal situation.  As well as the practical advice she gave us it was comforting having someone listen for that time and make us realise that we weren’t going mad and we were dealing with a lot, physically and emotionally.  It is hard to put into words how an hour of Margaret’s time was so valuable but I would recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation.  The hour spent with Margaret probably saved us hours of unnecessary wasted time, money and stress.
Anna Watson

Dear Margaret I was in the group on decluttering lives at the camp. I have already cleared out about 6 bags of stuff to the charity shop and can see my office floor and most of my desktop….  it feels good…. thanks.

I am pleased to report that I have continued the decluttering by doing some each weekend or on a day off. Husband has amazed me by assisting with the sheds and tools and has reduced clutter on windowsills in the kitchen. Jem has also sorted out his clothes and bought new items to replace some very tatty essentials!     

The house already flows better and feels fresher. I have space in the upstairs storage as all tools etc are down on the ground floor or in the shed or glasshouse. I am working on the bathroom at the moment, have moved most of the linens in to tin trunk and moved it to other side of room in back bedroom. I am about to sort through all the bottles etc under the sink – I shall have my own pharmacy shop by the time I’m finished! Then its my clothes.     

We’ve discussed removing some furniture and hopefully a few items will go this week. I have managed to stay pretty calm most of the time and remind myself it can’t all be done at once.      Thank you for your guidance; if I become stuck I will definitely call you.