Since the first workshop, my life has changed on many different levels. Family relationships are happier, I’m calmer and more settled within myself and skin irritations are healed back to perfect. A holistic therapy which will help anyone who experiences it.  IKI

I was attracted to the Family Constellation workshops by the possibility of improving the quality my of relationship with family members. I have participated this year in two Family Constellation workshops facilitated by Margie.

    The question in the first constellation concerned my son and in the second, the question concerned my mother. I was very surprised at how swiftly and gently my questions were resolved, and by the empathy and compassion generated within a group of strangers.

    It is entirely possible that because of this work with Margie I have been able let go of my attachment to my son. It is also possible that through this work I have reduced my feelings of responsibility towards my mother. Both relationships feel healthier for all of us.

    I can also say that an estrangement of 30 years from my older brother ended recently with warmth and honest affection.                                                                                                                               Denise Hill

 Margie creates a safe and welcoming space; I would highly recommend her. She is very talented, kind and caring. I have recently attended two of Margie’s workshops, both have been very powerful and insightful. I had the opportunity to bring an issue and have been enjoying the Ease within my family dynamics ever since.  TFC

I want to take the opportunity to say “Thank you,” for bringing Family Constellations to this area. It is both soul-honouring and miraculous.

The small workshop that I was part of at the Lighting the Way Health Expo has allowed me to let go of the hurt that I was feeling towards the local community, which is a fantastic outcome.  Linda

I recently had the privilege of receiving a one-on-one Family Systemic Constellation session with Margie. I was able to work through my struggle with not feeling good enough. She guided me to a place where I was able to see that it had begun a few generations back, and helped me to let go and I felt so much lighter afterwards.

Since this session I feel as if a glass dome that was blocking me from moving forward has been broken through. Now I’m free to move in any direction.

 It is a very moving and powerful process. I highly recommend Margie; she is a truly gifted facilitator.  TC, Whangarei

Margie’s gift is true and rare. During my one-on-one meetings with Margie, she skillfully pointed to patterns and connections within my family field that I never would have seen, but that immediately resonated with my own inner knowing, viscerally shifting my understanding and opening a way for deep inquiry.   Anne

In the constellation work I did with Margie – mostly online – I loved and found immensely supportive, Margie’s loving, curious and present way to discover together the place in the family system where an aspect of the system went ‘out of order’. Always open to our collective process until we come to the place that wanted to be seen and needed light to be brought to. And then healing can spread from there into the past and the future. Thank you Margie!   Anja

The session with Margie has helped me clear an old pattern of dis-empowerment that I had been working on before. Margie holds healing space with a high level of attunement and empathy; she knows exactly the most effective route to take in order for resolution to happen within a relatively short time! I feel so grateful, and I highly recommend Margie’s ‘Care of the Soul’ (one-to-one Family Constellations) sessions to anybody who is ready to be free of limiting patterns and step into a fuller and more joyful way of being!! Thank you!!!”   Valeria 

Margie is one who listens deeply in order to unpack the life story of our generations in order to welcome the old and the new that is stirring in the soul. She creates a safe place for the expansion of one’s inner knowing through the conscious integration our family woundedness.  For anyone seeking greater self-awareness through healing, Margie is there to hold the open space for you.   Natalie


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