Music to Enter


  • Greeting
  • Thanking people for coming
  • Introductions
  • Announcements (Hospitality, Donations)
  • Explanations of anything unusual about the service
  • Sympathy to the family on behalf of all present and others not able to attend (include members of the extended family and all who grieve, whatever their relationship…grandparents, grandchildren, elderly parents…)

Words on Life and Death


Tribute/Eulogy/Celebration of Life

Silent Period

(with music perhaps) for personal thoughts and memories or silent prayer (“The silence will be broken by the reading of…”)


Special Help

(if appropriate)

Closing Words

Hope for the future



Or, if committal is at another venue, ask the gathered to stand while coffin is carried out

Recessional Music

(ref: Down to Earthby Marian Barnes)

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