Speaking and Workshops


I enjoy speaking to diverse groups about end-of-life matters, from my passion about how we engage with death. Using my poetry is a favourite way of connecting.

Whether you’re wondering about a speaker for a service club, health sector or a school prize giving I am happy to discuss possibilities with you. Sending an outline of my address ahead of time is a service I am happy to provide.

Poetry: ‘A Quiet Hour’
A reflection on death, dying and funerals though my poetry, and a gentle way to touch into an area that can be challenging to think about.


Getting Familiar with Death and Dying: a weekend workshop or series of six or seven classes (currently offered through the Community Education Centre at Wellington High School – please be in touch if you have a group interested elsewhere in NZ)

By the end of the workshop/course, participants will be able to:

  1. reflect on Western cultural attitudes death
  2. name several things they’d expect to see in the natural dying process
  3. review the main strands of their life and what they appreciate about it
  4. contemplate difficult goodbyes
  5. decide on some ways they would like their end-of-life to be
  6. identify what needs completing in their own lives, and
  7. feel more prepared for their own death and that of others close to them

What makes for a Satisfying Funeral? a one-day workshop (currently offered through the Community Education Centre at Wellington High School – please be in touch if you have a group interested elsewhere in NZ) 

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • think and speak more comfortably and knowledgeably about funerals
  • indicate what it is that has people coming away from a funeral feeling uplifted and saying to each other “George would have loved that!”
  • recognise the elements that go to make up a funeral that meets people’s needs and feels satisfying
  • get involved in the funeral of a loved-one or friend
  • plan their own unique and meaningful funeral, or that of someone close to them.

The Simplicity Slot
Prepared originally for radio, these 5-6 minute offerings on living simply provide great discussion openers.

Ways to live without clutter is another theme I am very happy to speak or provide workshops on.




Margaret is very professional and dedicated; she is totally reliable and takes the time to find out exactly what your requirements are before the event. She is very personable and genuinely creates a reaction of interest in those listening.
David Williams, Head of Goldsmith Management Centre, Letchworth, UK

Getting Familiar with Death and Dying workshop

Has completely changed my view on death – now have comfort.

Incredibly well thought out, delivered and inclusive. The pace was perfect – time to really absorb the theme of the class, and reflect, and respond between us.
Margaret always had time to consider our input/answers, and welcomed questions and the natural ramble we would inevitably take. She is a true expert on the subject of death and dying. What I found most valuable was Margaret’s quiet and knowledgeable presence and kindness. I would highly recommend the course to anyone. So much to gain from this supportive and friendly setting.

The book was just absolutely fantastic! Essential material to a course like this.

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