Care of the Soul

The session with Margaret has helped me clear an old pattern of dis-empowerment that I had been working on before. Margie holds healing space with a high level of attunement and empathy; she knows exactly the most effective route to take in order for resolution to happen within a relatively short time! I feel so grateful, and I highly recommend Margie’s ‘Care of the Soul’ sessions to anybody who is ready to be free of limiting patterns and step into a fuller and more joyful way of being!! Thank you!!!             

Margaret is a woman of integrity and honest care. Supportive, firm and accepting, she has walked alongside me as I’ve tumbled into scary and lost places – her sharing is a gift. A much-valued gift of non-judgement offered with many breathing spaces too. These have allowed me to tentatively ponder possibilities, embrace ideas with excitement; discuss and disagree as and when. Happily we can laugh together too and share the joy of this and that along the way, which brings balance to the whole, puzzling, sometimes torturous, adventure.  

Underlying Margaret’s life and work is a desire and impulse to liberate. Her tenderness and presence invite the other to soften their grip on the familiar, whether that be objects, beliefs, people or ways of being.
Because I do not feel threatened in her presence, I gently open up without resistance. Things untangle and release, and the next steps become clear. It is, in effect, being undone with and by grace.
                                                          Halina Rozensztrauch

I see you as a therapeutic coach, but it’s spiritual work, too; you hold that energy, sometimes explicitly, sometimes in the background.

I found it really helpful to ponder and look at how my responses to my current situation were strategies I had developed at a young age but no longer served me – it put me in a position of being able to choose whether to hold on to them or create something different.

Thank you for asking my permission before you asked a question that you knew may challenge me.

I appreciated the space you gave me to think on the questions/possibilities you put forward. Although you suggested possibilities, I never felt you were telling me how it was – I was free to play with the idea or have an ah-ha moment because of what was triggered.

 I loved that you actually listened and were able to bring things I had said into a context further down the process. At all times I felt the process was mine and as a result was able to take ownership of where I arrived.

You created a safe environment for me to explore very sensitive areas of my life. Thank you.  

You challenge my assumptions and open my thinking…Thank you.   

 There were gentle changes; things happened slowly. Two weeks later I was skyping with Mum. It was difficult. There was no video operating so I was able to get out the paper you wrote on and re-read it, and I was screaming inwardly, ‘This is not mine! This is not mine!’ That was helpful.

Bigger issues have come up since our session; our session may have brought the others to the surface – been a building block to put another on.

You helped me with making it simple, as simple as a mantra. You gave me ways to be clear about what I’m dealing with. Thank you, Margaret.

I just wanted to thank you for nudging me in the right places yesterday and allowing me to make my own discoveries as we journeyed back in time. I am sure the insights I gained will continue to help me make better choices ‘cause now I can see what I was doing and can create something different for myself.

I don’t know how it’s going to look, but I’m feeling a lot lighter now and don’t feel responsible for creating, maintaining and protecting a ‘happy family’.


Margaret is very professional and dedicated; she is totally reliable and takes the time to find out exactly what your requirements are before the event. She is very personable and genuinely creates a reaction of interest in those listening.
                                                          David Williams, Head of Goldsmith Management Centre, Letchworth, UK