Accompanying People Who Are Dying

Dying can be a profound and sacred time where sadness and suffering are intermingled with joy and deep peace. Death can be a rich gift for all concerned, but at times achieving this requires the presence of someone who can help ease and hold the fear and pain.

My desire is to help facilitate a natural unfolding and enable the dying person to pass over with dignity, relaxation and simplicity. This may involve our working together on a variety of practical, emotional and spiritual matters. I am there to listen deeply and without judgement to whatever comes up, bringing warmth and wisdom, patience and understanding.

Talking about dying, what’s being experienced and one’s true feelings about it, is at the heart of accompanying those who are dying. Our society finds dealing with the subject of death difficult, so dying can be a lonely journey. I can help by walking alongside you on the journey.

Whether you are elderly and have a sense that death is not far off, or have a loved one who has been given six weeks to live, having someone accompany you through the process can make a huge difference to your experience of death.

My role is about:

  • encouraging straightforward talk about death, what it means and feelings about it
  • listening and really hearing, and being present to all the emotions death brings up; anger, fear, relief, guilt, regrets
  • honouring the achievements, contributions and uniqueness of the life that’s departing
  • helping with healing relationships that have come unstuck along life’s journey
  • assisting with practicalities like a will, living will, power of attorney, and funeral wishes, and with sorting out belongings
  • allowing the timeliness of death when it comes

Soul Midwifery

Soul midwifery is an ancient and essentially natural art of assisting in the smooth passage of the soul, before, during and after physical death. For more information about this please click here.


Charges are worked out individually as situations are unique.


“When my brother-in-law became very fragile… it was wonderful to observe how Margie coped with such gentleness, but great strength and understanding of what was required. Her skill and compassion enabled a very strong-minded old gentleman, with high ideals, but no religious attachment, to end his life comfortably and at peace.”  Bibi

“Margie has a deep personal trust in the process of living and dying. She respects the dying person’s needs, and is led by them for timing and intervention. Her blend of practical sense, objectivity, caring, calm presence, and humour, smooth the process for all concerned. Margie shared in the day-to-day process of my Mother dying. Her presence was certainly a huge part of allowing Mum a peaceful transition.” Jo, Bristol

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