Life Blog 4 – Simplicity Slot 2

Hello All.

The theme of this week’s Simplicity Slot audio is S L O W . . . . and I am reminded of a wonderful slow-travel trip to Paris from the UK my elder daughter, Nicci, and I made some years ago. Thick snow and ice made it even slower than expected, but it all added to the adventure!

If you have anything to share after listening to the audio, please do so in the Comments, or directly to me. It’s always lovely to hear how things land.


6 thoughts on “Life Blog 4 – Simplicity Slot 2

  1. I felt such a sense of calm at the end of hearing this. My entire body had eased at the lovely sound of your voice speaking, with its tone of encouragement, just the right balance between crisp and kind. I believe I’ll go outside for a walk!
    Thank you.

      • I couldn’t see a Comments button so will use Reply. I enjoyed relaxing and hearing you talk about slowness. It’s a theme in my life as I grow older, and right now I am resting because of the flu. It’s a great slowness calibrator, and gives me time to check on your blog, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Walking is my daily pleasure and I love the way my mind slows down when I walk in the park.

  2. So enjoyed your thoughts on simplicity Margaret…..”notice your life” stood out and made me smile and slow down as the rushing along just doesn´t allow this. Thank you for your clarity and practical suggestions without losing depth and probably gaining more enjoyment!

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