Funerals – testimonials

Within the last year I have attended two funerals where Margaret was the celebrant. Both times I was touched by her gentle presence and skilful facilitation. She has a gift to bring both respect and authenticity, celebration and mourning, into the sacred space where a loved one is farewelled. I’m grateful that she is in our community, where she offers her skills at such an reasonable rate.
Irma Jager,  Motueka, 2024

I met Margaret at our local choir, little did I know of her hidden talent as a funeral celebrant until a member of our choir died. The family asked Margaret to be the celebrant and she led all present in a gentle and heart-warming send off.

At this time, my wife’s mother also died. As I was impressed with Margaret’s send-off of our choir member, we enlisted Margaret’s help in putting together an order of service. Margaret’s assistance with this was invaluable as she had an innate sense of how such a service needs to be structured and what to include. I especially liked how Margaret suggested it was important to allow time in the service to grieve our loss as well as to celebrate the deceased’s life.

Margaret has an affinity for people’s end of life journey. It does not frighten or intimidate her. She also has a wonderful sense for the flow of a funeral and how poignant such occasions are for family and friends. I was fortunate that her skills in this regard presented themselves at just the right time.
M C   Motueka

I’m so very glad we decided to have your help with Raye’s funeral. It was as good as I could possibly have hoped, and you played a pivotal and significant role in that. We did her proud, and in a way that was very much in keeping with her life. It is a testament to your sensitivity and consideration that you were able to play the role you did so effectively without ever having even met Raye. Thank you so very much.                                                                        
Kate   UK

Margaret was celebrant at the funeral of an old friend of mine where she handled a sensitive family situation with tact and diplomacy. The service was a gentle,  reverential farewell to a loved one who had served her community for many years.                                             
R B   Porirua

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you made of organising today… in every way. The service was fantastic – just perfect. I will never view funerals in the same way again – it was just a wonderful tribute to Margaret and reminded us all of her at her best. It was all so appropriate and so dedicated to her – no irrelevant talk – a celebration of her life. Brilliant.                                                                              

Thank you, Margaret; you helped make the day an amazing celebration of Victor’s life. I believe everyone felt comfortable with the tone and the beautiful wording you gave the eulogy. We couldn’t have done such a wonderful job without you.
You made the eulogy honest and yet kind. You managed to write something that left us believing we’d written it ourselves.  My brother has never spoken out in public like he did and he’s rightly proud of himself. It’s done a lot for his grieving and healing.                                                                                                         

Thank you so much for all of your advice and kind words, they truly were a blessing. I used the format to help gather my family members to say some words. I am a bit more of the “entertainer” in my family so it was my impetus that got it together. I wrote a speech from my heart, just like you said, and it flowed out of me perfectly: What I love About My Papa.                        
Genevieve  (Canada)