When Death Comes Close

This is a CD and booklet of poems published by Museday Publications.
The introduction to the CD will give you some sense of what it is about:

When I recorded these poems in the quiet of my home I read them especially for people who are dying. Others I hope will benefit, too – after all, we are all dying – but my particular focus is to bring comfort, understanding and peace to people who are experiencing their own death, or that of someone dear to them.

I first met death close up when my parents died in a motor accident when I was twenty-six. Maybe something about the suddenness of that led me many years later to accompany my old uncle in his dying. And maybe something in the rush of the funeral led to my wanting to help families create wonderful ceremonies of remembrance and celebration. I don’t know – but I feel immeasurably blessed and honoured to do the work I do, and to be able to bring you this collection of poems that flow from my experience.

Whatever your circumstances, may these poems accompany you well.     Margie



When Death Comes Close
Untimely Death
Too Soon, Autumn
For Carol
Practising Dying
Thoughts on Birth and Death
Will You Stand Beside Me?
Do Not Hurry, Dear Soul
Grief Before Death
A Gentle Journey Home
Your Death and the Snow
The Borrowed Bed
In My Parent’s Grave
Music Thanatology
Companioning Uncle Bob
Losing Mooey
Eulogy For Victor
On Being a Funeral Celebrant

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