eBook (for Kindle): Hello, Little Death – welcoming ‘dying’ to allow a fuller life


Use this version alongside a journal or notebook to take you on a journey to your fuller life. For assistance with turning towards rather than away from the many challenges of life, Little Death is waiting to accompany you, and to usher in more meaning, flow and delight.

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This book is for anyone who wants to find more joy in living – and face living with less fear.

It explores those times when life does not deliver what we hope for. In Hello, Little Death I share personal examples of ‘dying’ from my own life, alongside examples from others. There are simple exercises for the reader to work through to reach an understanding of their own ‘little deaths’, how they are affected by them, and perspectives for creating a fuller and more peaceful life.

Little deaths come in all sizes – from small and seemingly insignificant disturbances such as rain on your gardening day, or the loss of your favourite hat, to the end of a relationship or the death of a family member. They encompass any loss or challenge short of your ‘big’ death.

Little Death wants us to understand what I have discovered – that when we meet, feel and welcome the stuff we’d rather ignore, or resist, or banish, the surface ‘us’ peels away, and the more real, content and alive ‘us’ shines through. I have felt more playful, joyful and at peace with every passing year, by putting this into practice.

This book is an engaging “must read”. Beautifully written, and courageously illustrated with personal examples, it has easy-to-read sections together with simple practices. It is a clear and coherent guide to working with the challenges that arise in daily life. An enormously important book in these times.

Sue Robertson – therapist (UK)

Hello, Little Death looks at death from a thought-provoking new angle. It’s about your life’s journey. Little deaths are the things we go through, things that happen to us. This book helps you realize you need to release things so that more of life can come streaming in. The exercises help to reveal what’s holding you back. I love that it opens you up to new possibilities. It’s not just a good read, it’s an eye-opening book. You will not be the same after you complete it.

Noreen Henry – author, coach and mentor, (NY)

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